Compromizing info about me, myself and I

I bet ya'll want to know who's in the world is she?
May be not.
Anyways, this is more about postcards that I like and less about who I am.

Just a few details, my name is Anna, I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I love to travel, photography, and write for my blog. Or my blogs.
I love postcards, I collect them, but more than postcards I collect friends from all over the world. Nothing is more pleasant to me than when 4x6 piece of colorful cardboard make two hearts across the nation, across the world connect with each other. I'm hopeless romantic and avid traveler. I have over 900 postcards from over 70 countries. I'm not a stamps person, although I have some scanned. Most impressive stamps are from Russia. Love the size!

What do you need to know before you send me a postcard. Very little. I'll be happy with any postcard. But if you want to made my day, to make me grin with no reason, to make my mailbox happy - there is a few exceptions.

1. I'm very nice person, I mean it. Nice Jewish Girl next door. Did I say Jewish? What's that mean - I don't celebrate Christmas and I don't celebrate Easter. Thank you very much, but please no above-mentioned-holidays postcards.

2. I collect touristy-looking postcards. City view, country view, landscapes, waters capes, street views - I'd love them. If a city name / country name / state name  is on the card - I'll owe big. Not a firstborn thou... I don't have one :)

3. What cards I don't like... It's not that I don't like them, more likely I cannot fully understand and appreciate the art, vintage, paintings, museum postcards. I just don't get them.

4. I love private swap and always looking for new people to swap postcards with. Just look me up on postcrossing (anesskina)  or just send me a message here.

5. UPD: February 17th 2013 I feel like I have to add this, please see post here for more info PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check received cards under country to avoid duplicates!!

Again... I'm not trying to be difficult... But I just want to be little bit helpful :)

This is my Postcards from the World blog. Also I have one with Postcards from States Only. I started some time ago, but had a hard time to keep up with. I have mostly all my postcards on Flickr too. I start them on Flicker first, then I thought that blog will be better idea to share them, even so I still upload them in both places. Here is the link for Flickr collection.

Nice meeting you here and I cannot wait to exchange some postcards with ya'll...:)..

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  1. Your item #1 made my day. Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the only mail bloggers making the same request. I've gotten some pretty interesting comments on my "A gentle Jewish reminder: No Easter, please" and "A word on holiday cards, or why I don't do Christmas" blog posts.