Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Postcard Cafe

Leslie, awesome person who's American that spoke Russian and lives in Turkey. I guess it can't get more complicated %) One of the moderators for postcardcafe community in Livejournal. Cannot wait to visit Turkey next year and get to know this most awesome and brave lady !!!

#90 LT - 73516

On the wings of dream... love it!!!!! Ruta from Lithuania thank you dear so very much %)

Friday, June 25, 2010

TW - 161780

Alice from Taiwan invited me to visit this unique place if I have a time. Well it's not about time, I don't know why but like Europe same with Asia, never been a place that I really really would want to visit. I'm changing my attitude toward Europe. There is a countries and places that I'm thinking worth the visit now... so who knows about Asia. They say "never say never" right??

Private swap

Elke - just made my day (again) we exchange addresses on postcrossing forum and today I got super cool picture turned into postcard that Elke took herself. Isn't it awesome????

here is another one from Elke, multi-view from Netherlands, you already know about my thing regard the Holland / Netherlands %) I just love to watch for it, always fascinating to see what people call their country.

RU - 169080

Alina from Russia sends her greetings with this super handsome Russian Bear. I love it!!!! This is my most favorite postcard for today!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Private Swap

This is one of my favorite ones! Private swap via postcrossing forum, "another country tag" Madrid card came from Portugal, I love the blue sky! Isabel - thank you!

Postcard Cafe

Laurel - new to postcardcafe community send me this as a thank-you-for-the-welcome-card. It's my first from New Orleans... made my day !

Private Swap

Ange from Canada, very friendly person I believe I already post some of her postcards. Here another one, very unique %) Unfortunately I cannot scan stamps, they're very cool-looking too.

US - 729834

Salvador Dali from Philadelphia Musem of Art. I think it's kind of upside down..or sideways... may be %))

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Private Swap

Postcrossing Forum - great place to exchange and request postcard from people who interested in private swaps. Claire from UK become a friend, and one of the postcard what I got just yesterday was this beautiful Tower of London. Love it! It's kind of interesting fact, that never before I thought about visiting England or Europe at all. It's just never cross my mind as something worth of seeing. But... (here the B-word) just this past weekend I've been thinking why not.. I mean there is few countries I wouldn't mind of visiting. UK or Scotland will be one of them. I guess I'd be in London too. Oh well...

#80 US - 721703

Winter fun in Michigan. With average snow fall is over 208" I'm sure there is a plenty opportunities to enjoy many fun activities. Sorta of jealous...

ES - 79069

Miguel from Coruna, Spain, my 1st postcard from Spain and it's in Spanish!!! Thanks for my sister Spanish lessons - she was able to translate the message. Now, since there is a return address should I ask her to send a thank-you-postcard in Spanish as well? %)

Monday, June 14, 2010

FI - 824858

Maria, 16 y.o. girl from Finland dyed her red red, I'm sure it's look awesome on her. I really like her sparky personality %)

EE - 72994

Beautiful Tartu, Estonia card. Kissing Students fountain.

Private Swap

Diana - avid photographer and designer from Florida sends this card to someone in postcrossing, then she saw that I add this card as a favorite contacted me and offered this card!!!!! isn't she an awesome??? I read Anne Frank many times and some of those quotes become a classics as something you'll find me quiting her now and then. Needless to say quote itself and the most beautiful design of postcard made it my all time fav!

Private swap

Naya from Indonesia and I swaps postcards occasionally and one of the 1st received postcard from her was this awesome card of Borobuder Temple. Built in 9th century it's still largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Private swap

Alexandra from France, thank you dear for very beautiful postcard Toulouse .

NL - 355515

Greetings from Nederland.

US - 708607

Midtown Manhattan Skyline.

DE - 583807

Berlin, Europe Center and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

#70 JP - 108205

Old Cherry Blossom Tree - symbol of Japanese spring.

CA - 105535

Montreal - French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada. Love the colors!!!

FI - 803701

Greetings from Finland

CN - 202873

"Song of Everlasting Sorrow" - a love story between the Chinese Emperor Tang and his concubine Yang Anifei.

GB - 137444

An Observation: Words by Patric Leigh Fermor.
Wine, coffee, paint, pencil, pen, and ink.

US 688716

Amber from eastern TX with Cadillac ranch :)

NL - 339927

Leeuwarden - city in Holland / Nederland (gonna love this two name country)

FI - 799449

Full of sunshine postcard from Finland.

IN - 12433

My first Indian postcard!!!! Amit from Mumbai send this beautiful Mobor Beach.

US - 678715

#60 NL - 325901

Typical Dutch view... windmill, farm and tulips! Grada from Nederland / Holland send this "very dutch" postcard :)

DE - 576967

Another Cologne postcard from Katrin, Germany. Cologne one of the largest cities and very fun to live in, It offers interesting cultural events, exciting nightlife and beautiful sight to visit. Now I'm sound like tour guide book %)))

US - 675228

FI - 778229

Easter Greetings from Finland. Typical Easter food called mammi.

US - 672521

Texas Longhorn

US - 669625

Autumn in Vermont, postcard from Rebecca.

DE - 571865

that the funniest postcard I ever received!!!!

US - 663873

Broad Landscape, circa 1862 by Claude Monet. I got this card from Terri, person very beautiful inside and outside. Thank you dear, keep your light shining!

US - 659582

Don't you believe that postcard! It's very rare to have sunny day like this :) San Francisco Cable Cart climbing half way to the stars %)))

DE - 564678

Silvia from Germany made my day!!!!! I love love love this Greece postcard. Santorini, Greece look like dream vacation spot!

#50 PL - 67261

Another one from Poland. Sopot located in the north of country.

NL - 317671

Love this Holland card, it's so cool that its country called either Holland or Nederland. I think it's very unique!

US - 655236

Pongo and pup, love those guys!!!

DE - 559758

Delicious Sweets from Cologne, Germany. Thank you Lena for sharing!!

RU - 133381

Very cute postcard from Irina, Russia. Check this stamp out!!! It made my day for sure!!!

US - 651002

Noel from IL send her greetings!

CA - 97494

Niagara Falls, Canada. One of my favorite places in the world :)

HK - 12291

First postcard from Hong Kong. Peace and Prosperity