Sunday, June 12, 2011

RR I'm on vacation - France

Another wonderful postcard from RR - I'm going on vacation this time from France

RR 18 I'm on vacation - Canada

While back I found this wonderful RR on postcrossing forum. People who going on vacation offer to send postcards. Here's my 1st one from Canada.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Private Swap from Ukraine

New city in Ukraine for me - Kharkiv thank you SjuEllen!!!

RR 17 from Portugal

N. America x World Group 66

RR 16 from The Netherlands

N. America x Wold Group 86

RR 15 from Russia

N. America x World Group 66 - colorful postcard from Linda.

Postcard that I won, by never entering into game :)

While back I got very interesting comment for one of my postcard. I did wrote back, saying that I didn't know that I was participating ...)) Nevertheless I won and here is the GRAND prize :)

Postcard from Portugal and here's the link to Andrea's blog.

RR 14 from Russia

Slavic RR Special Group 105 America vs. Slavic Countries. Love this unique Moscow card :)

Postcardcafe @LJ

Postcard: BR-151921

Postcard: DE-920856

Private Swap from Croatia

While blogs-surfing meet this wonderful person Nives from Croatia who was so awesome and agreed to become a postcard-pall. Here's a first postcard from Nives, awesome addition to my Croatia collection.
Here you can check Nives blog. 

RR 13 from Finland

N. America x World Special Group 86. Super beautiful postcard from Finland!

Travels, postcards, and surprise offer!

Summer is coming!
And it's mean that I'll be travelling.. yay!!!
Planing to be in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel.
Now come the surprise part I'm offering a postcard from any place mentioned above, just let me know what and where :))

Всем кто хочет получить открытку этим летом, я буду в Нью Йорк, Лос Анжелес, Сан Франциско, а так же в
Тель Авив и Иерусалим - дайте мне знать и я с удовольствием вам отправлю по почте Ь))

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Postcard: SA-281

Wow! Not only for a card itself, although I'm so pleased with card too, but the country that it's come from - Saudi Arabia !!!! My very first one.
I'm so happy! :))))

#460 Postcard: CA-168113

Postcard: CN-381996