Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RR I'm on vacation - Rochester, NY USA

The Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge in downtown Rochester. As I learned today both of them were woman rights activist. Both were buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester. Thank you Graig!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Postcrossing Meeting in Florida

Surprise in the Mailbox! Love this wonderful postcard from Florida - and especially I very excited to see signatures from ladies that I meet here (blog ) or poscrossing forum. Brenda and Martha - thank you very much!

#512 RR from Germany

 Usedom Islands, Germany - My favorite Round Robin "I'm on vacation..." this time from Germany 

Puerto Viejo - Costa Rica

I'm so excited to have this postcard from Costa Rica - Friend Rachel from Livejournal community PostcardCafe was on vacation / study abroad (don't know for sure) in Costa Rica and I'm so thankful!

RR from Russia

Another one (I believe last one) from Group 108 N.America x World From Moscow.

RR from Russia

North America x World Group 108 Love the blue sky!

Bathhouse in Germany

Sabine, my dear I love the postcard! Visit Sabine blog here :)

Estavayer, Switzerland

Cristophe wonderful friend from Switzerland, send this beautiful postcard my way :) Thank you!!!

Russian New City Kostroma RR 108

Another result of "poor poor me, want other cities too" Svetlana thank you so much! I love this postcard .  Round Robin 108 North America x World

LiveJournal Cafe

Private Swap from Melissa

Private Swap USA - New state Utah

My first postcard from Salt Lake City and also first one from Utah! Thank you Meghan for contacting me and offering this nice swap. Let me know if you interested to have some more :)

RR from Poland

Romanek - sends this beautiful evening postcard from Poland. Love it!

Private Swap from Russia

Another new City in Russia for me :) That what happen when you complain :) Olga from Volgograd with super awesome blog send this super postcard with super stamps :)
Thank you dear!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Private Swap from Florida

One of the best postcard blogs that I've seen - Brenda agreed to swap postcards - Love this Walt Disney World postcard!
Thank you Brenda!

Private Swap LJCafe

Golden, CO

Private Swap from Russia

Aerial View of volcano in Kamchatka, Russia 

Monday, July 4, 2011

#504 private swap

private swap

private swap

private swap

This beautiful postcard from Zagreb, Croatia come as a postcard-pal swap.  Lovely Nives lives in Zagreb (i'm sooo envious!) can you imagine walk those streets everyday??? 

# 500 pcc

#499 RR from Canada

N.America x World RR 74

RR from Turkey

North America x World - Group 86

Postcard: US-1119379

# 496 Postcard: DE-944806

Postcard: RU-439371

Thank you RR 192

During my trip to Israel I host a group 192 in RR I'm going on vacation for people who would like to receive a postcard from me. In return I asked to send me a postcard from their country or hometown. Here's all that I've received so far :) 
Wolverhampton a town in the heart of England. Picture of the bus station and Chubb's Building that has a galleries and cinema called Lighthouse.

Thank you RR 192

Beautiful Berlin, Germany postcard. May be one day I'll walk there too :)

Thank you RR 192

Skyline of Lubeck - UNESCO site in Germany. I believe it's my 1st UNESCO postcard :)

Thank you RR 192

Beautiful port in Santander, Spain

Thank you RR 192

Franconia Notch, Echo Lake and Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire, US

Thank you RR 192

Charleston, South Carolina, US - historic homes with the Charleston Harbor

Thank you RR 192

Sao Paulo, Brazil - downtown of the biggest city in the country

Thank you RR 192

Zagreb, Croatia  
I have to admit that this is so far is the most beautiful city I've seen. Never been to Croatia, but now it's on mine "most visit" list. Thanks to postcards that I've received.

Thank you RR 192

Terschelling - an island in The Netherlands

Thank you RR 192

I said it before and I'll say it again, I love, love, love postcards from Croatia!  This is Vinkovci very old city in the eastern Croatia, It was established before Roman period (10 century BC) 

Thank you RR 192

Bucharest capital city of Romania. National Theater in downtown area.

Thank you RR 192

Zutendaal - city in Belgium. Looks lovely :)

On vacation from Syprus

Ancient Theater, Cyprus
I'm on vacation Group 191

On vacation from South Africa

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa 
I'm on vacation Group 194

On vacation - Iceland

I'm on vacation RR Group 199 

Thank you RR 192

Belgrade, Serbia - the capital city. Night view of the lovely building of president's residence aka white house :)

Thank you cards RR 192

During my trip to Israel I host a group 192 in RR I'm going on vacation for people who would like to receive a postcard from me. In return I asked to send me a postcard from their country or hometown. Here's the 1st one from China