Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vacation RR from Namibia

 I was so exited when I was able to get into that RR - Namibia.  Magical desert with ancient dunes. I had a postcard from Namibia sent from Germany before, but this one is with a stamp from Namibia also!

North Cyprus

Thank you Leslie!

New country - Monaco

What a lovely surprise from Sheila - I randomly enter my address at her postcard blog A Postcard a Day - and absolutely love this postcard also a new country tag :)

Slavic Countries x World RR

Group 162 - Moscow, Church of the Intercession at Fili 1693

My favorite kind of postcards from Poland

The Kazimierz at night. Old Jewish district of the city Krakow, Poland

Interior of the Remu'h Synagogue, Krakow

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank you RR 322

Absolutely gorgeous postcard from Malaysia!

Thank you RR 322

Beautiful Krakow!

Thank you RR 322

Another one from Wish List - this time from Japan :)

Thank you RR 322

Remember how wish list works? Got another one from my own have-to-have postcard..
This is Vacation RR 322 - where I offer to send postcards from Alaska - and in return asked for something from wishlist or any super-cool view cards :)

Private Swap - Turkey

Beach related from Turkey, private swap

Monday, December 12, 2011

Slavic Countries x World RR

Thank you Julia, I absolutely love those postcards from Lipetsk. My dad's sister I think live in Lipetsk. Especially I'm pleased with Baikonur stamp, I used to live in Kazakhstan and it's very special to me :)

I'm on Vacation RR - Malaysia

Lovely Langkawi Island, I wouldn't mind to be there right now! Thank you, Katia!

Postcrossing meeting in Germany

Andy aka masito - most wonderful host to Vacation RR in postcrossing forum went to International postcrossing meeting in Bielefeld, Germany and send this beautiful postcard with so many signatures!

I'm on Vacation RR - Czech Republic

Lovely Prague - wish I were there!
Thank you Rafal :)

I'm on vacation RR - China

Thank you SLLiew!