Thursday, January 20, 2011

Postcard: RU-288002

"Be nice to each other" - said on the postcard and both of them hold axes :))))

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another what I wish for postcard

I think every postcard is worth thousand words, but this one is an incredible example how no words needed. It's like a sunshine on the dark closet, like a fresh air in stuffy room, like a snowflake on grey road.
Such an inspiration...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Postcard: PL-141279

Multi-view Postcard from Poland.

Private Swap

Very Dutch Romantic postcard from Seher

Oxford postcards from Leslie

My dear friend Leslie getting ready to move back home (Turkey) from England send me two postcards they are both so lovely and unique.

Love the last one... why bother indeed??

#269-272 Private Swap

YuShin - from Taiwan send me a beautiful package with a few postcards and a cell phone strap. Love it. Thank you my dear!!!

#268 Postcard: US-948181

This cute map card got me thinking... May be I should start collecting map cards? Like everyone else?...

Postcard: RO-20934

Maria from Romania send me this bright happy postcard. I just realize that it's my first postcard from Romania. Reason to celebrate..:)
Love to create a new tag for a new country!

Friday, January 14, 2011

What I wish for...

Okay, I have to admit, I don't have this postcard. But I'd love too. I think I will start adding postcard that I'd love to have "hint, hint" %)

This one I stumble upon surfing the Postcrossing website.

Isn't it a unique beauty?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Postcard: US-936534

Postcard: ES-96431

Postcard: UA-60180

#263 Postcard: FI-961882

Postcard: DE-771932

If I ever went to Germany, I'd love to visit Hannover!

Postcard: PT-153674

Postcard: US-919839

Postcard: GB-187835

Postcard: EE-85873

My 1st postcard from Estonia!!!!

Postcard: JP-137112

Postcard: DE-751730

Postcard: TW-209137

Postcard: FI-947648

Postcard: CA-134851

Postcard: NL-482186

Postcard: CZ-82335

#250 Postcard: UA-54137

Postcard: RU-253020

Postcard: FI-937727

Postcard: PT-148545

Postcard: DE-742825

Postcard: BY-95276

Postcard: NL-474456

Postcard: TW-106712

Travel time: 331 days- aaaaaaHHH this is first time I seen a postcard traveled almost a year the distance that usually takes 8-15 days...)))))))

Postcard: ES-91467

Postcard: RU-235282

Monday, January 3, 2011

#240 Postcard: DE-732539

Postcard: CA-129619

Sandcastles in British Columbia, Canada

Postcard: GB-176661

Postcard: FI-925723

Postcard: AU-104540

Postcard: MY-48396

Postcard: FR-117536

Postcard: NL-454823

Postcard: DE-725135

Postcard: TW-201870

#230 Postcard: UA-49460

Oh how I love this postcard!!!!