Monday, January 16, 2012

Private swap - package from North Cyprus

Sea Tac Airport in Washington

Slavic Countries x World RR

Vacation RR from Spain

Angel card for vacation RR

What happens once you sing up for a RR, send your card and never received one back? Well, there's a postcrossing angels who take care of that. making sure that everybody receives a card.
Thank you Tina for making my day with this beautiful postcard from Utah - instead of Ireland!

US postcard from Turkey %)

Private Swap - Utah

#718 Postcard: US-1482048

Postcard: DE-1194759

Postcard: RU-715140

Professional printed cards ~ designed by yourself RR

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vacation RR - Finland

Vacation RR - USA

Private Swap

Postcard: RU-691472

Postcard: UA-180910

Thank you RR 322

Blah postcard

This one I just have to send to myself :)

#700 Postcard: KR-28848

Usually I'm happy with any postcard. But this time it was a biggest disappointment of the century!! Can you imagine receiving a postcard from a very "hard to get" countries with a image of your own home town.
This is a Portland, Oregon USA postcard - my own city where I have been living for last decade come to me from Korea! Again, I never complain, but this is too much! Don't know if I should count this as a postcard from new country or not. No label for now...

Postcard: PL-326681

Vacation RR from Brazil

The first light of the day beckons you take a look outside, and suddenly you're not sleepy anymore!

#697 private swap from China

Postcard: US-1442700

Postcard: NL-930705

With a great Postcrossing Dutch stamp!

Postcard: BY-305027