Thursday, July 29, 2010




Private Swap

"I travel hundred thousand miles only to kiss you..." how romantic. From Russian with love, Nina. Love ya too my dear!

Family travels to Canada

Oh, be still my heart! My favorite city in BC - Victoria! I love it!!!

Family Swap

Last summer during the travel to SF area - send home this beautiful postcard.


While visiting Turkey from her sister's wedding, lovely Seher - send out some postcards. I love Istanbul and hoping to visit soon.

Private swap - thank you card

Handmade card from a picture that was taken on the train. Ing from China - loves to travel as much as I do too.

#130 Private swap

Slovenia - thank you card from a friend.

Private Swap

Write letters! from Nina, she's awesome, I'll have an entire collection soon %)

Family Swap

While on vacation in Israel - send home this beautiful postcard from oldest city Akko.


NY City - Fabulous Times Square.

Private Swap

Moscow, Patriashy Bridge - Cathedral of Christ the Savior.


The Las Vegas "Strip" I've never been to Las Vegas, may be one day, hopefully sooner vs. later %)

#124 Postcardcafe

Laviano - small town in Italy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Leslie from Turkey, you did it again! made my day, love ya dear so much!!!

Private Swap

Morgaine, my dear! Love the card, and love the designs on the back, too bad you guys cannot see how she decorated back of the card!

Private Swap

Metro Station, Prospekt Mira 1951, from A. Moskow. Very lovely postcard!

#120 DE - 643371

I love those multi-view cards, it's almost like you're getting 5-8 postcards for the price of 1..%)))

US - 756506

Giant Forest Sequoia National Park, California. Isn't it amazing??? I've never been there, but I'm telling you that my next trip south, no matter what I'll stop by such a beauty!

TW - 164970

From Taiwan, no description on the back, so anybody guess what are those people doing?

NL - 372289

Oldest City Gates called "Gates of Hell"

GB - 151736

Island in UK - love it!

BY - 72990

Tatyana from Grodno, Belarus - my oh my... may be I really should go and visit all those post Soviet Union countries. There is such a beauty...

US - 753460

Don't you love those Old War posters??? one of my favorites, come from Brittney, Rockford, IL.

DE - 641896

Oldest city in Germany, Trier founded in 16 B.C. by Roman Empire was called Augusta Treverorum.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DE - 624002

Warendorf in Westfalen, Germany

RU - 179874

Unusual postcard with tons of stamps. Hardly any place to write anything. Natalia from Russia, city of Novosibirsk - I believe third largest city in Russia.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

#110 UA - 36299

I believe this is my 1st official postcard from Ukraine!

US - 747891

Jefferson City, Missouri. Looks like a White House.

IT - 92788

Sicilia!!!!! Isn't it awesome that my 1st postcard from Sicilia has to be so beautiful? thank you Tino!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sia from Philippines = thank you card and tea bag!!!! love the little present/surprise. I know she loves receive letters, may as well write her one %)

Private Swap

Anya from Novosmoskovsk, Russia send this wonderful sketch by Gurkin, called Katun River, 1906. I'm impressed.


Natasha from Livejournal community postcardcafe send this very cool postcard from collection of Aleksandr Vasilyev, called A girl, dressed for the masquerade, 1925. Love it. And love the stamps!!!

#104 Unknown sender from Russia

I'm thinking it's somebody from forum, or as a respond to one of the official postcards that I send and include my address. Doesn't have a sender user name or tag name or even city... Don't know whom to say thank you ...%(

Forum - Russia - rest of the world tag

Anichkov Bridge, St. Petersburg. Irina from forum - offers more St. Petersburg postcard and of course I'd love more. So needless to say more will be coming!

Surprise from Family

My cousin from Washington went to Florida for family vacation and surprise surprise send me those beautiful postcards. Well, it wasn't really much of surprise not really. After mentioning something on Facebook how many postcards I send out in one day - she commented on why don't I send her some too. Which I gladly did - send her Israel and Egypt postcards that I brought from my recent trip = and those came as a thank you thing. Still it was sweet of her %)

#100 Forum - not your country tag

Klaudia from Poland went to Ukraine in 2006, and send me this Opera and Ballet Theater postcard from Lviv, Ukraine.

Forum - mostly white tag

this is very unique postcard from (my favorite) Netherlands-Holland - names of famous dutch people, places, food, buildings, etc.. Thanks Heidi!

Private Swap

Misha is a good friend from Belarus - send me those Indians ladies picking tea leaves. As usual stamps are awesome!

Forum - Churches, Cathedrals, Temples, etc...

Tatyana from Saint Petersburg send me this The St. Nicholas Cathedral - Love it! I'm still hoping to visit St. Petersburg one day. Heard so much about this wonderful city, feel that I'll recognize everything...

Forum - Not your country tag

Marleen from postcrossing forum send this South Africa postcard from Dutch postcrossing meet up. Love the card and love all signatures. Feel so special!

Private Swap - Russia

My friend Nina from Moscow - surprised me again. This time with one of the postcard I saw on somebody profile and added as a favorite. Oh my ... she made my day! Check the stamp !!!!! Isn't is huge???

CN - 218398

Rocky Cave Temple at Gongyi, China. Love it!!!