Monday, April 2, 2012

This is not a postcard

Postcard pal from Poland send me this wonderful reproduction of banknotes from Holocaust time. Priceless!!!

New Country - Panama

Postcard: PL-395314

Postcard: FI-1373974

Postcard: UA-240178

#810 Postcard: BE-143677

Vacation RR - Brazil

Private Swap from Poland

Callaway Gardens in Georgia

New England - Woo-Hoo new state!

Oregon - my home State


All about your country RR - Map

#800 All about your country RR - Map

Bonaire - new place for me

Bonaire - Caribbean island that part of The Netherlands, I'm always torn how to be politically correct and call it a country on its own or just add to the existing list Holland postcards?
Since it's now physical part on Holland, I'll create a new tag for it.

New Country - Colombia

#797 new Country - Aruba

Beautiful Alaska

Leavenworth - Bavarian Village in Washington

Vacation RR - Italy

Private swap from Germany

Vacation RR - Peru

Marion - thank you so much!!! New country for me :)

Private Swap

Vacation RR from Germany

All about your country RR - Map

Postcard: BY-395794

Postcard: NL-1114555

Postcard: US-1600038