Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back and Front :)

Normally I don't share back of the card, but this time I can't keep this to myself! All of you who can read Russian - enjoy!

North America x World

Sunset postcard from Holland

Love this sunset-beach postcard from Holland! Thank you Patrick!
P.S. Let me know if you want to swap more postcards :)

Another private Swap

In exchange for Oregon map card I received this beautiful postcard from Philippines :)

private swap from Germany

Postcard from Bavaria, with a traditional maypole, with women and the men of the different regions of Bavaria in their traditional clothing. Thank you Carolyn!!! 

#600 North America x World

private swap

Vacation RR from United Kingdom

Evening at the harbor, Mevagissey, Cornwall 
Group 262 - absolutely lovely postcard! Thank you !!!

Slavic Countries x World RR

Another postcard from Saint Petersburg. I love it!!!

Saint Petersburg

Homemade Postcard

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light. 
- Theodore Roethke

I didn't know there's a Virginia and there's a West Virginia... Everyday learn something new :)

#584 Funny Card

Super cute postcard from Slovenia - with translation needed!
Anybody would like to help??
Please :)

Ukraine - Private Swap

French Postcards

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vacation RR from Serbia

The Temple of the Saint Sava in Belgrade, Serbia.

Professional printed cards ~ designed by yourself RR

Postcard from Germany with a picture of Quiver Tree Forest in Namibia. So I'll call it Namibia postcard, even though it has German stamps :)  Namibia - a country in the South Africa.

Moscow University

N. America x World RR Group 114 Special night view - Thank you Julia!

Professional printed cards ~ designed by yourself RR

Vicky from China sends this beautiful postcard from picture taken in Banteay Srei (the Queen palace) in SiemReap, Cambodia. Lovely stamps too :)

Cestius Pyramid

The Pyramid of Cestius is an ancient pyramid in Rome, Italy. The pyramid was built about 18 BC - 12 BC as a tomb for Caius Cestius. Postcard came from Chicalo, IL  :)

Star Trek Postcard

Star Trek postcard from Canada. Private swap via LJ community Postcardcafe :)

Mevlana Celaddiin-i Rumi - a 13th century Muslim saint

Melvana Celaleddiin-i Rumi - The greatest poet, jurist, theologian and sufi mystic in the Islam World. Thank you Leslie!

Garden in Alabama

Beautiful Bellingrath Garden near Mobile Alabama

Liverpool - Private Swap from UK


Slavic Countries x World RR - Miroslav from Czech Republic send this Castle postcard with fancy stamp :) Jindrichuu Hradec - is place where he works and live.

New York

I'm on vacation RR - Romania

Brasov, Romania - home to the famous Black Church and capital of Brasov County.

Postcard: CH-85292


I'm not sure if I had postcards from Mexico before, which is very surprising, us been neighbors and so... Well happy new country tag for me :)


My postcard-pall Nina went from China to Czech Republic (sometimes I envy her) and this beautiful Prague multi-view was a sight for my eyes :)
Thank you so much my dear, hoping to see Praha myself one day :)

I'm on vacation RR - United Kingdom

Xenia aka MoldyX  went to London and send this super beautiful postcard with unique stamp. Thank you!

postcard from vacation

This beautiful stamp from Israel with a postcard showing modern Jerusalem.  
Self send postcard from vacation :)