Monday, March 28, 2011

Private Swap - Ukraine

Postcard: RU-355915

Postcard: NL-596448

New Country tag - Latvia

Ya!!!! Riga is the capital and the largest city in Latvia. My first postcard from Latvia!

New York City, San Francisco and Seattle

Three major cities in United States = so similar and so different. Love them all but for all different reasons.

SF - for sunshine and fog, for hills and friendliness.

NY - for restless and diversity, for culture and heavy tourists traffic.

Seattle for rain and uniqueness, for coffee and everything NorthWest

Love those three!

Poster Making, by McSweeney

Package from Pennsylvania

York Court House
Amish Family, Lancaster County, PA

Central PA highlights

Friday, March 25, 2011

surprise in mailbox from wish list

Wish list is working!!
 if I ever thought that there's no reason to post postcard that I want, I'll never think that again.  Few months back I wrote this. And viola! yesterday in the mailbox I had a surprise of the lifetime. Well almost ... if not a lifetime, then pretty close. Igor - my dear friend from Ukraine (don't know how) found this exact postcard and send it to me!!!
Now I'm proud owner of this postcard from Moldova :) it's a new country tag too!
Ask and you will receive!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another new country tag - Cyprus

Private Swap from Cyprus, thank you Nasia! Love it.

#362 Costa Rica

Republic of Costa Rica - Central America my new country tag!!!

Another beautiful collection from China

The Great Wall

China country side

Check out those mountains! Just looking at that postcards I can almost smell crisp mountain air.

Postcard: CA-105535

"Happy" houses
I think I'd like top live in one of those houses, very colorful and cheerful too.

Postcard: CA-97494

I think it will be nice to visit Niagara Falls on both sides, Canadian and American at the same time. What a grand view it is!

Postcard: CA-90255

Official postcrossing postcard from Whistler, British Columbia. I visit the area few times in the past. Very beautiful year round. Home for Winter Olympic 2010.

Private swap from Canada

Ottawa's Street market.

Reversing Falls
The tides of the Bay of Fundu reach such heights that they actually force the Saint John River to change direction and flow upriver. What an incredible view it must be!

#380 Cambodia

Another new country tag, thanks to a private swap with a friend!
Kingdom of Cambodia located in Southeast Asia between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Two from Brazil

Flora and Fauna of Brazil

Sao Paula Turistico, Brazil

Official one from Postcrossing and Private Swap postcards from Belgium

Private Swap

Postcard: BE-56673

Australian Wild babies :)

People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

New country tag! There's is something in those vast sand dunes. Oh, how I miss the Middle East!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Greece postcard!!!

Oh how I want to visit Greece one day! But for now only postcards that made my day beyond your wild imagination!

#370-372 Package from Ukraine

Dominican Cathedral

Юрий Гагарин

Same Dominican Cathedral

Honey, you did it again! תודה רבה Особое спасибо за Гагарина! Я думаю, что оставлю его себе. Ты супер!


I think I said it before, and here it is again... I don't "get it" artsy postcards... I just don't. Paintings, watercolors, vintage all is foreign language for me. I'm not even going to create a tag for those postcards. Two first two from USA and two others is from Canada.
Sorry guys, but it's just not me.

Send me some touristy looking postcards and you'll made my day. If your card has a city / country / state nome on it I'll owe you big!

Enough said... here's my so-I-don't-like-them-postcards :)

Postcard: FI-1040957

Love it!!!

package from The Netherlands or it's Holland? :)

Very Jewish Note

I love all my friends and all postcards are dear to me. But please please please, remember that I don't celebrate Easter. I'm Jewish and have no appreciation for all bunnies and eggs and etc.

I'm not going to throw your card away, but I'm not going to thank you either :)
to save you and me, just stay away from any mainstreamed holidays postcards.

Thank you and I hope I didn't offend anybody.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Ukrainian postcard

Got this one today = what nice surprise along with a key chain Ukrainian Soccer Team "Dinamo". Awesome, thank you dear! I've been so sick lately, so any postcard is sure a sunshine :)

Royal Castle 1869-1886

Now I know where Disneyworld got an idea for it's trademark.
Located in Germany - now one of my favorite postcards.