Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I wish for...

There's a postcard from Oregon (where I live) called Crater Lake that look very similar to this one. I think it will be very awesome to receive this card too :)

I love Ireland postcards! This one is definitely on my "have to have" list!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

# 673 Slavic Countries x World RR

Lost postcard in RR 153 finally made to my mailbox. It's worth the wait!!! A.P Chekov house - museum on Black Sea. Спасибо Оля!!!

Gates and Walls of Jerusalem

Judea Desert, Herodian and Qumran


Jerusalem at night

Private Swap - Poland

Auschwitz - one of the places that so tragic and so dear at the same time.

# 666 (!!!) Art Postcard - Private Swap

Castle Mountain - canada

Private swap from England

Monday, November 14, 2011

Slavic Countries x World RR

Group 153 - lovely postcard from Olya - CatHouse. Это как переводится Кошкин дом? или Домашняя кошка?

Private Swap - Canada

Santorini Fira

Santorini Island in Greece, that where my co-worker went on honeymoon. Most beautiful and romantic place according to her :)

#660 Legananny Dolmen

I was so exited when I got this postcard!!! A

Lake in North Ireland

Cliffs of Moher
Lower Lough Erne

Another San Diego postcard


Aren't those most amazing postcards? Next vacation-destination is Greece! I really want to visit it in near future!

Most beautiful postcards from Turkey

#651 The Slovak Republic - private swap

Yeay!!! New country for me, thank you Martin!

Private Swap from Brazil

private swap

# 644 private swap

private swap

I believe my first one from San Diego area.

private swap

Lovely collection from LA, California

#635 private swap

RU - 510464

Milan, Italy

The Cathedral - wow! I'd love to visit this grand building one day! Thank you Seher, my lovely friend from The Netherlands who send this postcard as a thank you from her Birthday trip to Italy.