Monday, February 28, 2011

Private Swap - Turkey

My dear friend Leslie = thank you so much.
The Turkish saying on Valentine's card says - "love is - our hearts beating together" that what Leslie thinks :))))

Postcard: US-1021630

Private Swap

Private Swap - Ukraine

Ahhhh! When I got this humongous card in my post box I almost scream :0 Isn't it something.

Private Swap - Belgium

Let me introduce you my new friend Christophe from Switzerland. As usual we met via postcrossing and start exchanging postcards. Best way to make a new friends. Christophe originally from Belgium, here's a postcard from his native city. Now he lives in Boecourt, Switzerland. Looking forward to many beautiful Alps postcards :)

Private Swap

this time from Greece, unfortunately it's not one of the view cards. Nether less it's a new country tag for me! Yay!!!

Postcard: PL-178142

Kasia from Poland send this beautiful street view. Love it!

#338 Postcard: PT-163654

Postcard: TW-256740

Postcard: BY-140298

Postcard: US-1012237

Monday, February 21, 2011

Private Swap from Nina

One of my first friends that I made over postcards was Nina from Moscow, Russia. Over the last year we exchange lot of postcards. Nina is very incredible person who spends her school vacation in China. And of course she send me tons of beautiful postcards from China and Russia.

#330 Postcard: RU-316663

Postcard: FI-1016869

Postcard: CN-321380

Postcard: NL-557491

Italian Postcard was sent to me from The Netherlands :)

Jerusalem - The Gold and Capernaum

Home, sweet home :)

Holocaust Museum - private swap

Anne Frank House, 1954 Postcard from Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX.
Thank you Ryan for this unique postcard.

#323 Private Swap

Praha or Prague - very historic city. Amanda grandparents immigrated to Canada from Prague, therefore it's her favorite place.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

My dad went to visit his relatives in Uzbekistan a few years ago. Recently I was helping to clean out their garage and found a box with postcards from city of my childhood.
Here is a few of them:

Monday, February 14, 2011

#309 - 314 Private Swap - Russia

Tatyana - send me those postcards quite some time back, I just realize that I never scanned them. Here they are now..:) Also she changed her user name too, but I'll be using old one :)

1. The City Hall of Moscow
2. The Alexander Garden's Gate
3. The Variety Theater
4. The House on the Kotelnicheskaya Quay
5. The Restaurant "Prague"

Private Swap

I just realize that I do private swap more than ever. It's awesome thing, though more personal. And I got to know very awesome people.
Let me introduce my new friend. Emily from Rochester, NY  Very friendly and lovely person, who loves photography too. She studied in UK and Ireland and played violin in China!!!
Looking forward to exchange many more postcards with you Em!

the second card was taken last year as the sun was setting! Love the colors!!

Private Swap PostcardCafe

Postcard: US-999304

Official Postcrossing one!

US Map Cards

Got two map cards from TN and NJ = super awesome looking one too.

Private Swap from PostcardCAfe

#297-300 Another Ukrainian private swap

Love them all!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wish List

Me and bunch of other people want this card..:))) Was sent from UK to Russia, I think I have a good number of people from UK who visits my blog ... "hint, hint"....)))))))

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wish List

This postcard is from Moldova. This monument is called the Thanksgiving Candle.  Is anybody who reads this blog from Moldova? I want that card!!!!