Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I wish for...

If this not a most wonderful, unique looking card, then I don't know what is...

It was sent from Russia to USA... wonder if somebody can get it for me...:))))))) I feel like I have to have it.

Postcard: RU-389302

Official postcard from Russia, I love those sea stars!!!
Спасибо Ирина! И удачной поездки в Корею...Ь))))

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another "what I wish for" postcard

It's time for another "I-wish-someone-will-send-me-this" postcard.

This one from Germany was send to Finland.

That how I feel right now. I need a hug..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jewish Tag from Poland

Okay I have to admit, this one is my so far best of best. It's came in the Passover Eve, house clean, chametz is all removed. Matzo ready to be eaten, Seder dinner almost ready - and you can feel it in the air. Shabat coming!

And when I open the mail box... my oh my!
I'm off to celebrate. Chag Pesach Sameach!

Favorite one from China

Private Swap from China. Love the incredible engineering work to design and build those bridges and freeways.
Stamps are good looking too.

strange things do happen!

Okay, I have to say this even if for my sake only. Strange thing just happened. I think in my last two posts I said how I'm kind of missing regular postcrossing exchange. Well, I went online, thinking I'll send a few cards, not a big deal, just to stay somewhat active. I requested address - CANADA, okay, not bad let's do it again - CANADA. Third is the charm - guess what it's CANADA again! and fourth and fifth!!!

Before I know I end up sending 10 postcards to CANADA and one to Poland :))))))
Kind of afraid to continue... may be I'll wait and try again later.

#401 Postcard: NL-619396

Did I mention that I kind of missing regular postcrosiing mail?
here is another one...

It came from 10 and 11 years old kids from school in Holland. Very cheerful envelope and postcard.

Surprise in mailbox from Russia

Okay, I said it before and I'm going to say again that wish list is working!

This time someone notice that I "liked" postcard that somebody else received. And she went and send it to me!

Метрополитен Москва

Красная Площадь
Елена! Спасибо большое, за такой двойной подарок. Мне очень приятно видеть все эти переплетения и различные узлы и ветки Московского метро. В моем городе есть наземное метро, мааааленькое всего 4 линии. Спасибо еще раз!

Ukraine - Private Swap

Bernardine Church

Olesko Castle
Игорь, продолжает баловать меня супер красивыми открытками и (!!!) пакетик супер вкусного чая и (!!!!) магнетик на холодильник. Который безумно понравился племяшкам. Магнитик действительно супер!


Christophe lives in the French speaking part if the country, we have been exchanging postcards for some time now. I love this one!

 Look at that view from one mountain to another!  Mont-Blanc highest mountain in the Europe. You can see this Mt. Blanc from other mountain in France, about 200 miles away. And my friend lives between those two!

Ukraine - Private Swap

"House with Chimera" - pardon my French, but I have no idea what that supposed to mean!!! Anybody enlighten me please?!?

Моя тезка Аня, которая живет в Киеве и подписала открытку полностью на украинском (аааа!)
Спасибо, было не совсем сложно, вот еще узнаем что такое "Будинок з химерами" :))))))

*other language than English tag*

Postcard: DE-887384

I kind of missing receiving official postcrossing cards. Since I'm doing mostly private swap. But there has been few that come along. Here's one from Germany written in Russian.

Спасибо Михаил!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moscow, Russia

Moscow. The Kremlin, The Cathedral of the Assumption and the Bell Tower of the Ivan the Great.
what is "Assumption" means in this case...


Lviv, The Dominican Church, I have few other postcards of this magnificent building.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is always associated with travels and long wait at the airport. That the only way I knew this wonderful city with southern charm. All my recent travel took me via Atlanta, but none of them were to Atlanta :( Have to visit it one day. Service at the airport is great :))))

#390 Indianopolis, IN

United Kingdom postcards

Moscow, Russia

Elena from Moscow send this lovely card fro "city view" tag. Love it! Fountain of the People's Friendship. I wonder if there is as a postcard of people's friendship. Somebody have to make one.

Add card

more form Arizona


#380 Poland

Viktoria from Poland, spent summer with us few years ago on work / travel visa - send this lovely Krakow postcard. The Market Square and Wawel Hill.


  • Архангельская область, Каргополь. Один из старинных городов русского севера. Относительно даты его возникновения у историков до сих пор нет единого мнения, хотя многие считают, что Каргополь был основан в 1146 г. как поселение-фактория в период колонизации края новгородцами. Относительно происхождения названия города также ведутся дискуссии; по одной из версий наименование "Каргополь" связывается с финно-угорским "каргун-пуоли", что означает "медвежья сторона"

Wow.. learned something new today, thanks to Google-search :) What people do before internet? went to the library?


I never been to the magic islands myself, but had so many beautiful postcards that friends sent to me.
This one is Alligator Rock, North Shore, O'ahu. O'ahu is the third largest of the islands and very popular between tourists.

Baltimore, MD


Olga who went to Croatia on her honeymoon, brought bunch of cards back to share with friends. I believe it's a new country tag for me!

#375 Germany

Lovely postcard from Julia who lives in Russia and send this postcard for "not your country" tag.
Nurnberg - or Nuremberg in English German city in Bavaria.

Presenting the cactus country - Arizona

Package from North Carolina

Dear friend from NC, Jackie - thank you so much for this lovely package of postcards. It'll do wonders to my USA collections. It's my first and only from NC. Thanks again!


Tallinn, Estonia

.... it's my 1st postcard from Tallinn, arrived last with with 6 (!!!) tea bags. Reelika, thank you so much!!!