Sunday, November 25, 2012

Everyone's help needed!

Come across interesting post @ postcrossing forum: Moderator (is this a German word for DJ????) at the SW German radio station declared that postcards are dead and extinct.

wow here... really??? Let's teach him some lessons, can we?
German postcrossers asking for help to bombard this dude with postcards from all over the world.

here's the address...
Sebastian Müller
76522 Baden-Baden

Be nice :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

#1042 - Verona at day

Verona at night



Limone - the beautiful!

Peschiera - the amazing!

#1035 - Lago di Gardo

Sirmione, Italy

Beautiful city on the shore of the Lago di Gardo


New Turkey city from dear friend Leslie :)

Snowing in Arizona

#1029 Venice

1945 - now

Tel-Aviv + Jaffa

“Jerusalem is a port city on the shore of eternity.”

“No city in the world, not even Athens or Rome, ever played as great a role in the life of a nation for so long a time, as Jerusalem has done in the life of the Jewish people.” 

“For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” 

“Eternity means Jerusalem.” 

#1022 Jerusalem market

Old city of Jerusalem, market - one of my favorite places in Middle East

Yad Vashem

Memorial Museum in Jerusalem - Yad Vashem - all about catastrophe that take away 6 millions Jews. 


Ukraine - Art card

Normally I don't like art-cards, but this one is super special - with awesome stamp!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Park in Utah

# 1015 Postcard: RU-1165207

Postcard: UA-350747

Postcard: SG-78271

I hate when people do this!

Postcard: HK-80504

Postcard: FI-1517225

#1010 Postcard: ID-35777

Humoristic postcard from TX

Houston, Texas

new state - Delaware

Vancouver, BC, Canada - library

Resembling the ancient Rome Colosseum, the Vancouver central Library is an fabulous landmark in downtown Vancouver.

Beautiful British Columbia - Canada

#1000 Postcard - Ireland

Yay!!! Ура!!! 1000 postcards mark!

Again .... received postcard from wish list :)
....this is my first postcard that the whole wish list start with...

Happy happy :)

Postcard: NL-1398454

Postcard: US-1831691

Postcard: CN-697609

Postcard: DE-1538646