Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#700 Postcard: KR-28848

Usually I'm happy with any postcard. But this time it was a biggest disappointment of the century!! Can you imagine receiving a postcard from a very "hard to get" countries with a image of your own home town.
This is a Portland, Oregon USA postcard - my own city where I have been living for last decade come to me from Korea! Again, I never complain, but this is too much! Don't know if I should count this as a postcard from new country or not. No label for now...


  1. That is CRAZY!! Did they say why on earth they chose that card for you?!

  2. She thought that is very funny..
    I was like... you got to be kidding!!! I don't see anything funny %)

  3. I think I would be curious how she came to have it.